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Nexcen Brands, Camuto Group Acquire The Show Box, Inc.

Footwear News Stacking the Shoe Box

NexCen Brands “Robert W. D’Loren Named Dealmaker of the Year”

Discounted Designer labels here to stay

Athlete’s Foot on Firmer Ground

The New Alchemy at Sears

Donuts to Dollars

Buyout Firm Said to Be in Deal to Unite No. 2 and No. 3 Chains in Premium Ice Cream


Athlete’s Foot Sold

Royalties Aether Holdings Acquires The Athletes Foot

Aether cements strategic shift, buying Athlete’s foot for $52M

Aether Acquires New York consulting firm

Remaking self, Aether to leave city: Darling of dot-com boom buys N.Y. investment bank

Aether Holdings Buys UCC Capital

CEO D’Loren Nominated for Deal maker of the Year


Iconix Deal for Joe Boxer Expected Today

UCC Awarded “Deal of the Year”

Designing Strategy: Bill Blass Hires Bank to Explore a Sale

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